Unfortunate dynamic linking for everything

Richard Coleman richardcoleman at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 24 17:31:04 PST 2003

Andrew Gallatin wrote:
> So I think the best solution (*) would be to keep /bin/sh statically
> linked, and build a dynamic version in /usr/bin that people can use as
> an interactive shell.  Root's shell remains /bin/sh
> 1) All three (;-) interactive bourne shell users that use nss/ldap get 
>    tilde expansion.
> 2) 3rd party scripts, which are written to be portable and don't use
>    tilde, don't have to pay for dynamic linking.
> 3) System startup scripts are faster because they use the static
>    /bin/sh

Are you suggesting that (t)csh also move to /usr/bin to match 
/usr/bin/sh?  The screams caused by such a change would be deafening.

Richard Coleman
richardcoleman at mindspring.com

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