NFS lockup issues and xl0 watchdog timeout

Matt Smith matt at
Mon Nov 24 15:43:08 PST 2003

I've had a possible idea regarding the NFS issues.

I'm wondering if perhaps my NFS issues are related to the other email 
thread I have going which is the xl0: watchdog timeouts etc.

I had not noticed this until last week because it's not often I copy 
large files from one machine to another but doing an ftp/scp etc from 
one machine to the other I'm only getting 100KB/sec with a PUT from my 
nfsclient->nfsserver, and 6MB/sec with a GET.

This used to go at 9-10MB/sec both ways.

Thinking about it I think this started happening around the same time I 
started having NFS issues.

My NFS issues are also only when writing to the server from the client, 
never the other way around. So this ties up with the throughput figure 
difference I get on FTP.

Jimmy mentioned a watchdog timeout caused by what looked like a 10-15 
second delay in a buffer going from userland to kernel?

I guess if this is the case it could kill NFS as well.

Tomorrow night I will change my xl0 card in this desktop for a spare 
realtek card I happen to have and test throughput and NFS.

I'll let you know my results. It would be interesting to see if the 
other person who reported these NFS issues (soren) has a similar experience.


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