IRQ problem with VAIO laptop again

Pete Carah pete at
Mon Nov 24 08:50:42 PST 2003

> I had noted a problem with choppy audio after the pci.c update of a week
> ago; this turns out to be more general.  I've also lost firewire and 
> the memory-stick slot (3rd usb controller) completely:

Following up to my own note:  With no visible change to dmesg, the audio 
now appears to work at least pretty well, maybe a little chop but acceptable 
with no changes to pci.c; maybe some acpi change fixed it?  Music plays at 
least fairly well now, but the X-windows beep function (using kde + artsd) 
still seems rather delayed but now completely non-choppy.

However, the firewire and memory-stick are still listed as missing in
action...  I can't burn a cd using my usb drive since this laptop doesn't
support ehci (can send the files to another computer with an internal

I will check this again, but I am pretty sure that I have plug-and-play OS 
turned ON in my bios since last summer when the acpi started working fairly 
well.  How is this supposed to be set now on non-acpi motherboards (I have
several such that run current; one Aladdin-5 K6-2 (ASUS has acpi, but at
least one of my "cheap" ones doesn't), and an embedded-controller (Cyrix GX) 

-- Pete

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