mouse problems on Compaq nc4000 / 5.2-BETA

Vaidas Damosevicius vd at
Mon Nov 24 07:00:05 PST 2003


	I've tried to install 5.2-BETA (with ACPI) on my Compaq nc4000
notebook and in /dev I can't find psm(4) entry - it doesn't exist. I've
tried to boot my notebook without ACPI - mouse works well, I can "use"
/dev/psm ...
	I've tried to dump/compile ACPI DSDT table, but I found only one

Compiling "acpi.dsl"
acpi.dsl  3898:             Name (_WDG, Buffer (0x50)
Warning  2033 -                      ^ Unknown reserved name (_WDG)

ASL Input:  acpi.dsl - 5180 lines, 163519 bytes, 2800 keywords
AML Output: DSDT.aml - 20599 bytes 712 named objects 2088 executable

Compilation complete. 0 Errors, 1 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 679 Optimizations

	Is it possible to make my build-in mouse work with ACPI :) ?

Thank you.


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