Unfortunate dynamic linking for everything

Thomas David Rivers rivers at dignus.com
Sun Nov 23 16:58:43 PST 2003

> > So far, I haven't seen anyone in this thread seriously
> > argue against either of these points.
> I'll seriously argue against the 2nd point above.  I don't know of a
> SINGLE person that uses /bin/sh as their interactive shell when
> multi-user.  Not ONE.  Every Bourne shell'ish user I've ever met uses
> Bash, AT&T ksh, pdksh, zsh.

 I'm one...

 I have to operate on many disparate systems with the
 same home directory.... some of the bourne-shell variants
 (e.g. HP/UX's ksh) will lock-up on my simple bourne-shell .profile.

 So - I stick with the "plain/old/boring" sh.

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