Patch to Elan520/Soekris 45xx support in FreeBSD-current

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at
Sun Nov 23 10:40:05 PST 2003

The major new things are:

	ELAN_XTAL option now called CPU_ELAN_XTAL
	ELAN_PPS option now called CPU_ELAN_PPS

	/dev/led/error for the error LED.

More LEDs can be configured on the GPIO pins, for instance:

  sysctl machdep.elan_gpio_config="-----LLLE--lp--------LL---------"

Configures active high LEDS on GPIO5,6,7,21 & 22, an active low LED
on GPIO11.  These will appear as devices "/dev/led/gpio5" etc.

The 'p' on GPIO12 and 'E' on GPIO8 are PPS input and PPS-echo
configurations (enabled by CPU_ELAN_PPS option).

The led(4) interface is of course not only useful with lamps, you
can use it with any sort of gadget connected to a GPIO pin.

I can not guarantee that these patches will make it into FreeBSD 5.2.

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