printing problems lpr/lpd misbehavior ?

Dag-ErlingSmørgrav des at
Sun Nov 23 08:42:54 PST 2003

Soren Schmidt <sos at> writes:
> Disregard above, some crappy port has installed "cups" which apparently
> has its own "lpr" command, nice...

Sorry, but *you* are the "crappy port".  CUPS is intentionally split
into several ports so that the parts that other ports depend on
(cups-base) can be installed separately from the front-end (cups-lpr)
and the only port that depends on the front-end is the meta-port,
which itself has no dependents.

You should consider this a golden opportunity to try out CUPS, which
is much easier to set up than the base system's lpd, and has far
better support for modern printers (including the ability to configure
printer options such as resolution, quality, duplex etc.).

Dag-Erling Smørgrav - des at

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