ACPI and APM testing on Dell Inspiron 8200

Lukas Ertl l.ertl at
Sat Nov 22 17:24:25 PST 2003

On Sat, 22 Nov 2003, Ryan Sommers wrote:

> I'm having difficulty getting battery and thermal status. If I compile the
> kernel with APM support I get battery statistics but if I try to put
> APM/ACPI in the kernel ACPI reports that another PM system is enabled and
> doesn't load the /dev/acpi device.

Yes, you can have either ACPI or APM, but not both at the same time.

> If I take APM out and compile in ACPI I get /dev/acpi and all that goes
> with it; but the battery status does not show up correctly.

The log you have posted shows that you're running on AC, that's why
battery time is 0.  Plus, you somehow made it to fill up the battery to
118%. :-)

The log also shows that you're loading a customized DSDT at boot, maybe
that is borked.

> (Which brings me to the point, in the NOTES file it's noted
> that device acpi is deprecated, but if you don't add the device you don't
> get acpi support...)

Yes, this info is currently out-of-date.  There were some recent changes
to the interrupt code that made it necessary to compile acpi into the
kernel.  I'm not sure if someone already works on making it a module

Generally, you should use acpidump(8) to dump your ACPI tables and ASL,
put it on a website and post a link to it here.  Maybe someone can take a
look at it then.


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