What's changed relating to localhost then?

Steve Ames steve at energistic.com
Sat Nov 22 07:11:08 PST 2003

I noticed the same thing yesterday when postgresql stopped working
properly because there wasn't an entry for my public IP in the
pg_hba.conf file.

If you telnet to the system still believes you are
coming from your public IP. Bizarre that. Other IPs don't act
that way. My system has two public IPs and If I
telnet to myself on either of the public IPs then I appear
from the correct IP. However no longer seems to 
work that way and that does break a number of things that
expect to be connected to by


On Sat, Nov 22, 2003 at 02:46:54PM +0000, Matt Smith wrote:
> I've just updated to 5.2-BETA today and have noticed that my spamd is 
> now rejecting all connections from spamc because they are not coming 
> from any more. It's now using my public IP address of 82.x.x.x:
> Nov 22 14:38:30 womble spamd[657]: unauthorized connection from 
> 82-32-25-111.cable.ubr04.azte.blueyonder.co.uk [] at port 49167
> I noticed somebody reported a similar thing earlier.
> I'm actually in the process of reverting to a -current of 
> 2003. because my xl0 ethernet card is acting up as 
> mentioned in another thread so I want to see if it works with that 
> kernel. (Can't go further back due to statfs).
> Also one of my machines running 5.2-BETA just hung dead within 5 minutes 
> of booting. I don't have DDB etc configured though so can't tell why.
> Matt.
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