What's changed relating to localhost then?

Anthony Ginepro anthony.ginepro at laposte.net
Sat Nov 22 07:11:07 PST 2003

> I've just updated to 5.2-BETA today and have noticed that my spamd is 
> now rejecting all connections from spamc because they are not coming 
> from any more. It's now using my public IP address of 82.x.x.x:
> Nov 22 14:38:30 womble spamd[657]: unauthorized connection from 
> 82-32-25-111.cable.ubr04.azte.blueyonder.co.uk [] at port 49167
> I noticed somebody reported a similar thing earlier.

It was me, I'm glad not to be dumb. I note also that metacity takes ages to
start. I'm waiting a new change to network code in order to compile another -CURRENT.

> I'm actually in the process of reverting to a -current of 
> 2003. because my xl0 ethernet card is acting up as 
> mentioned in another thread so I want to see if it works with that 
> kernel. (Can't go further back due to statfs).
> Also one of my machines running 5.2-BETA just hung dead within 5 minutes 
> of booting. I don't have DDB etc configured though so can't tell why.
> Matt.
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