Unfortunate dynamic linking for everything

boyd, rounin boyd at insultant.net
Fri Nov 21 20:14:17 PST 2003

From: "William Josephson" <jkw at eecs.harvard.edu>
> People at Berkeley (and elsewhere) have done user studies to try to
> quantify this sort of thing.  It is pretty clear that with modern
> hardware, most failures are due to human error.  That's not to say
> that hardware and software faults aren't real problems, too, but it
> is more common that someone, say, pulls the wrong drive from the
> RAID-5 array, resulting in an unnecessary double disk fault.

that means your raid 5 is bust.  i've seen raid 5 fail and it just picks
another disk in the 'free' pool like nothing has happened.

a study?  it's bleeding obvious.

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