Unfortunate dynamic linking for everything

Richard Coleman richardcoleman at mindspring.com
Thu Nov 20 18:33:09 PST 2003

boyd, rounin wrote:

> From: "Christopher Vance" <vance at aurema.com>
>>Personally, I think init should be static, and can't think of any way
>>it would benefit from shared libraries.
> plan 9 has everything static.  the kernel compiles in about 20 seconds
> or less -- no compression -- and you can boot it off a floppy.
> if i can sit in /sys/src and type:
>     mk install
> and have everything re-built (and i could do it for all the supported
> architectures) in minutes i have eliminated unnecessary complexity.
> if it's not there, it can't break.
> btw: say hi to maltby for me.

plan9 doesn't count.  It's so minimalistic, it's useless.  It has many 
beautiful and brilliant ideas.  But it's not useful to many people as a 
production system.  It's a shame, really.

Richard Coleman
richardcoleman at mindspring.com

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