DStumbler / BSD-AirTools Error with new Wi code?

Ryan Sommers ryans at gamersimpact.com
Wed Nov 19 14:39:52 PST 2003

I have been getting the following error when attempting to use dstumbler 
with 5.1-RELEASE-p10: 

error: unable to ioctl device socket: Invalid argument 

After much searching around newsgroups/mailing lists it looks like the Wi(4) 
code was changed and dstumbler never got updated. I found one patch that 
supposedly fixed support on some cards, however, it didn't seem to work on 
mine. Has anyone worked on this in -current? Or does anyone know of patches 
that aren't in CVS yet that might work? 

Here is my info:
lilshadow# dmesg |grep wi0
wi0: <Dell TrueMobile 1150 Series PC Card> at port 0x100-0x13f irq 11 
function 0 config 1 on pccard2
wi0: 802.11 address: 00:02:2d:84:22:18
wi0: using Lucent Embedded WaveLAN/IEEE
wi0: Lucent Firmware: Station (8.10.1)
wi0: supported rates: 1Mbps 2Mbps 5.5Mbps 11Mbps 

Wireless card works fine otherwise. 

Thanks for the help in advance. 

Ryan "leadZERO" Sommers
Gamer's Impact President
ryans at gamersimpact.com
ICQ: 1019590

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