Unfortunate dynamic linking for everything

Matthew Dillon dillon at apollo.backplane.com
Wed Nov 19 13:34:18 PST 2003

:GAD> Many freebsd users (me for one) are still living on a modem,
:GAD> where even one bump of 1.5 meg is a significant issue...
:GAD> Remember that the issue we're talking about is security
:GAD> updates, not full system upgrades.  "Everyone" would want
:GAD> the security updates, even if they're on a slow link.
:When security updates change but a few bytes, it seems that some
:xdiff- or rsync-like algorithm would be an apropriate way to
:distribute patches.
:Brotsman & Dreger, Inc. - EverQuick Internet Division

    Security updates are a red hearing regardless because they are few
    and far between compared to even a modem-user's bandwidth (especially
    those modem users who are likely to read the security lists aren't going
    to care if it takes an hour to download a non optimal binary patch if
    it only happens a few times a year).


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