hard lock-up writing to tape

Mike Durian durian at boogie.com
Wed Nov 19 10:20:34 PST 2003

On Tuesday 18 November 2003 08:29 pm, Bruce Evans wrote:
> This could be from a speed mismatch or from kern.consmute somehwo getting
> set.

I had wondered about a speed mismatch, but everything I've found says
9600.  I did not know to look at kern.consmute.  I'll check that.

> - -current has the kern.console sysctl for enabling multiple consoles
>   (buut only 1 sio one).  You can boot with a syscons console and then
>   enable the serial, and the latter should work if it is on a working
>   port to begin with.  Anyway, this sysctl shows which sio port can be
>   a console, if any.

Is there any documentation on this sysctl?  I'm not sure what I
should set it to.  After a normal boot, it reads:

kern.console: consolectl,/ttyd1,consolectl,

> - RELENG_4 and -current have the machdep.conspeed sysctl for setting the
>   console speed.

That is the expected 9600.


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