another trap 12 while in kernel mode

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On Wed, 19 Nov 2003, Robert Watson wrote:


> You should still be able to turn the bad instruction pointer into at least
> a function name using nm on your compiled kernel.  Run nm on the kernel
> binary, and search through it until you find the symbols just before
> (lower) and just after (higher) than the value listed for the instruction
> pointer below.  That would at least tell us what function the fault is
> occuring in.  I suspect to get anywhere useful, we'll need the full
> debugging results, but it's probably a useful start, and it will allow us
> to be sure the panics you might get after you have debugging support
> compiled in are the same failure mode.

thanks for your answer.

> > instruction pointer     = 0x8:0xc055a00a

c0559e10 T key_sa_routechange
c0559f10 t key_sa_chgstate
c0559fb0 T key_sa_stir_iv
c0559fe0 t key_sp_dead

c0559ff0 t key_sp_unlink

c055a020 t key_alloc_mbuf
c055a100 t kdebug_typestr
c055a150 t kdebug_sadb_msg_typestr
c055a170 t kdebug_sadb_ext_typestr

Cc'ed ume.

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