ppp RADIUS accounting bug

Boris Kovalenko boris at ntmk.ru
Wed Nov 19 01:08:46 PST 2003

>The RFC says:
>5.4.  Acct-Output-Octets
>can only be
>      present in Accounting-Request records where the Acct-Status-Type
>      is set to Stop.
>It looks like, that these counters must not present in accounting updates.
You are right, but your words - "but a patch could be written :-)". 
Again, I'm talking not about UPDATE packets and presence of any 
attributes in RADIUS requests. I'm talking about wrong handling of 
Acct-Input-Octets & Acct-Output-Octets with current PPP RADIUS 
implementation. How this will be done, by implementing RFC2869 support 
or just by resending STOP request N times is not so important, but 
somehow this should be done. I may try to write patch myself, but I'm 
looking for someone who supervises my patch and commit it if no problems 
will be founded.


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