NFS broken in -CURRENT as of 16 hours ago?

Eirik Oeverby ltning at
Wed Nov 19 00:44:07 PST 2003

Hi all,

I might be completely off here, but since I did a
update/buildkernel/buildworld yesterday evening, NFS seems to act up. I
can mount a remote NFS resource locally and access it, but when I try to
access a subdirectory it seems to hang and never return. I currently
have two zombie mc-processes (midnight commander) due to this, and
ls'ing the subdirs hangs infinitely.

I have absolutely no clue what else the cause could be. I'm always very
careful to only change one thing at a time (ok this was two things,
kernel and world..) and then check that my working environment is OK.
Mergemaster replaced two files, mac.conf and motd.

Anyone else seeing the same or something similiar?
Oh and for the record, I am right now unable to start rxvt. Xterm works.
And now rxvt works again. Something funky is going on :) Could this be
related to the last major change, the dynamic root?


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