Unfortunate dynamic linking for everything

dyson at iquest.net dyson at iquest.net
Tue Nov 18 17:03:26 PST 2003

masta said:
> One of ther things he might have "forgot" to mention is dynamic tricks
> releated to PAM, which sorta falls in the same league as NSS working out
> of the box. It was worth mentioning IMHO.
I guess that I have to remember that my own goals of 'performance'
and handling 'highest workload' for efficient use of hardware isn't
everyone's goal.

However, PAM and NSS 'tricks' really seem to be exactly that,
and certainly worthy of special builds.  However, that isn't
necessary, yet still not building everything with a shared

Note that none of this requires that libc be shared (libc and
its ilk are the worst offenders.)  Dynamic loading can certainly
be used (if you want to load a wierd, special purpose, tricky


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