FreeBSD current, apache and php4 woes

Claus Guttesen cguttesen at
Tue Nov 18 13:29:44 PST 2003


>>> Add one of the two lines to /boot/loader.conf:
>>> or
>>> kern.maxvnodes=150000
>>> The first one is probably the better choice for
>>> since
>>> the very nature of what you are doing demands
>>> that you touch a lot of vnodes.

>> 1. added kern.vm.kmem.size=450000000
>> 2. clean up tmp-files older than 4 hours every hour

> I forgot to mention in the last email that
> kern.maxvnodes
> will still scale upwards as you increase
> kern.vm.kmem.size.
> So you might want to set a hard limit on it so you
> don't
> continue to run into problems.  A value of 200,000
> is probably good in your case.

A sysctl kern.maxvnodes gives me 134675, but it's been
added as a safetyprecaution to /boot/loader.conf.


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