Machine freeze when X starts

Jens Rehsack rehsack at
Tue Nov 18 05:10:00 PST 2003

Peter Ulrich Kruppa wrote:

> At least we can be sure that something went completely wrong with
> this weekend's sources.

Not just this weekend. The commit of the new interrupt code prevents
my system from running with HTT and I've seen nothing in the commits
which gives a workaround for me. John knows about the issue and I'm
hoping he thinks about a fix.

> I had similar symptoms (X crashing, basic
> commands not working), but was lucky enough, not to be completely
> locked out. With some help from this list I could rebuild the OS.
> X and Metacity work again, but Nautilus still crashes.
> Jens, did you try to reload your old kernel?

No, because the (already build and installed) world requires
the new stat strcutures :-(

> boot /boot/kernel.old

Great idea, but without dri it works fine.

> Perhaps this gives you a little more than the power button.

Don't loading dri does even, but at the moment I'm rebuilding
the ports for another machine ('cause the crashed machine was
also the build workstation) to give Robert the backtrace (if
I can get it).

Bast regards,

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