ATAng regression: cdcontrol close not working

Soren Schmidt sos at
Mon Nov 17 23:27:43 PST 2003

It seems Lars Eggert wrote:
> Lars Eggert wrote:
> > Soren Schmidt wrote:
> > 
> >>> Is there any other patch I can try? I've just confirmed that this bug 
> >>> still exists with today's kernel.
> >>
> >> I cant reproduce the no matter what I try, sorry...
> > 
> > Would remote access to the machine in question help you?
> FYI, this is still an issue:
>      s = ioctl(fd, CDIOCCLOSE, 0)
> IOError: [Errno 16] Device busy

Hmm, if the call to do the close fails there isn't much I can do...
I can't reproduce the problem on any of the dozens of ATAPI CDROM's
I have in the closet, so if you want to get further with this, you'll
have to instrument the code and find out exactly why this fails.
Maybe then I can find a solution that can work, and not break anything.


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