HEADS UP: /bin and /sbin are now dynamically linked

Garance A Drosihn drosih at rpi.edu
Mon Nov 17 15:57:10 PST 2003

At 6:26 PM +0100 11/17/03, Julian Stacey wrote:
>Seconded !  Better commit an improved switch with
>default = Off.

The time for voting was months ago.  In fact, we have
been running with what-you-call an "improved" switch for
the past few months, to give people a chance to work out
all the issues before we made this final switch.

>Richard Coleman wrote:
>>  But I think the time for these discussions is passed. 
>current@ is only a concensus of /usr/src developers.
>/usr/src & /usr/ports/ users on hackers@ ports@ isp@
>may not have seen current@'s change ?

Well, "/usr/src developers" do include people who are quite
aware of the other parts of the system.  There are very few
developers who have worked more on /usr/ports than Kris
Kennaway, for instance.  All the objections being voiced
now were brought up back in the original debate, and since
that time the "/usr/src developers" have done their best
to address all those issues.

Also note that this debate was open to everyone tracking
freebsd-current (the mailing list), not just "/usr/src
developers".  I think it came up on freebsd-hackers or
freebsd-arch, too.  The discussion went on for multiple
weeks, if not multiple months.  It is not fair to pretend
that this was some kind of back-room, closed-door decision.

Not only that, but NetBSD has been living for awhile now
with a similar change.  Check  the comments at
for instance.  That was more than a year ago, and they
seemed to have survived the change.

It will not be surprising if there are a few things we want
to add to /rescue as we get more experience with this, but
we do have good reason for making the change.  If you
personally are worried about the new setup, then just use
the switch which gives you the previous setup.  That's what
the switch is for, after all.  We did realize that some
situations will have good reasons to use the previous setup.

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