Machine freeze when X starts

Janet Sullivan ciscogeek at
Mon Nov 17 14:10:38 PST 2003

Brent Jones wrote:
> Do you know of anyone who has DRI running on an nForce2 board with an 
> AGP video card?  I also have an nForce2 board with a Radeon 9000, and 
> discovered yesterday that DRI is non functional.  The machine still runs 
> when the screen blanks, so you can access it remotely to reboot.

I did have DRI working breifly on an nforce2 board with a radeon 9000. 
I think it was CURRENT from around 10/30/03, with XFree86-Server-Snap 
version, but I don't remember for sure.  It may have been an 
earlier version of CURRENT.  I'm pretty sure it was XFree86 

Since then there have been drm commits to CURRENT, I've upgraded 
XFree86-Server to, and it no longer works.

If I have time this week I'll see if I can set up a serial console to 
grab some info to help the developers troubleshoot, but life is kind of 
hectic for me right now.  DRI isn't very important to me, so I've just 
disabled it for now...

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