named problem (introduced in 5.1)

Doug White dwhite at
Mon Nov 17 13:21:52 PST 2003

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On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Aleksander Rozman - Andy wrote:

> I have been running named for few years now, and I never had any problem
> with it. Few days ago I upgraded system to 5.1 (Release) and named has gone
> beserk. It shows errors in named.root file. Error go something like this:
> check_hints: no A record for address 'Something'  class 1 in hints
> I updated all /etc files with files from source tree (which is cvsuped to
> 5.1-RELEASE) but it doesn't work? Does anybody have any idea where the
> problem lies?

Sounds like your named.root file is just out of date.

Buildworld/installworld doesn't regenerate /etc; mergemaster does. Did
you run mergemaster?

You can also try pulling it from

It was updated a couple of weeks ago.  Hit the 'download' link to get a
clean copy.

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