Machine freeze when X starts

Jens Rehsack rehsack at
Mon Nov 17 07:18:35 PST 2003

Robert Watson wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Nov 2003, Jens Rehsack wrote:
>>after I updated my machine yesterday to the -CURRENT src/ and ports/ of
>>yesterday (2003-11-15 10:30 GMT), build kernel and world as described in
>>Kirks HEADSUP mail and rebuild all ports, my machine always crashes when
>>I start X. 
>>My problem is, that I cannot determine the reason for the crashes, so I
>>cannot think about a workaround.  Any hints are very welcome :-) 
>>It doesn't matter if I start using gdm or startx from console, the
>>workstation switches to graphics mode and stops. I can press keys (eg.
>>numlock) and there're recognized, but it seems no action is taken. I
>>cannot kill the server using Ctrl+Alt+Backspace, Ctrl+Alt+Del didn't
>>reboot, typing 'reset' doesn't do anything and it's not possible to
>>remote login to the machine for clean reboot. 
>>The machine answers ping requests and accept incoming packets. A
>>webserver is running on it and I can telnet to it, but the 'GET /
>>HTTP/1.0' isn't answered. 
> Hmm.  This failure mode is fairly common when a resource deadlock or lock
> deadlock occurs in some kernel subsystems.  Any chance you can get a
> serial console on the box so you can drop to DDB and generate some ps and
> stacktrace output?

It seems to me a little bit more complicated to setup the serial
console, so: yes, I can do it, but not today. Or - if you have a
small "quick get DDB to serial console without many trouble", I can
give it a quick start. I'll try to do this week.


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