Machine freeze when X starts

Jens Rehsack rehsack at
Mon Nov 17 02:44:30 PST 2003

Chris Knight wrote:
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>>Subject: Machine freeze when X starts
>>after I updated my machine yesterday to the -CURRENT
>>src/ and ports/ of yesterday (2003-11-15 10:30 GMT),
>>build kernel and world as described in Kirks HEADSUP
>>mail and rebuild all ports, my machine always crashes
>>when I start X.
>>My problem is, that I cannot determine the reason
>>for the crashes, so I cannot think about a workaround.
>>Any hints are very welcome :-)
> I had a similar problem. I "resolved" my problem by killing the gnome
> session processes and the X lockup was fixed. I had replaced metacity with
> enlightenment, so there might be some weird interaction between the two.
> Hope this helps.

Hi Chris,

sorry, that wont help me out, 'cause the machine is not reacting
to anything I'm doing (except the power and reset button).

Best regards,

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