Machine freeze when X starts

Jens Rehsack rehsack at
Mon Nov 17 02:43:09 PST 2003

Janet Sullivan wrote:
> Jens Rehsack wrote:
>> mail and rebuild all ports, my machine always crashes
>> when I start X.
>> My problem is, that I cannot determine the reason
>> for the crashes, so I cannot think about a workaround.
>> Any hints are very welcome :-)
> I've had the exact same symptoms as you with a radeon 9200 on a nforce2 
> board.  I found that disabling DRI makes everything work happily.  Try 
> commenting out the Load "dri" line in your XF86Config.

That helps, thank you very much. I only disabled the "DRI" Option from
Section "Device", but it wasn't enough.

Best regards,

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