Panic in ip_input

Max Laier max at
Mon Nov 17 00:03:06 PST 2003

Hello Andreas,

Monday, November 17, 2003, 8:11:47 AM, you wrote:
AK> #7  0xc05ed8a9 in ip_input (m=0x0) at
AK> /usr/src/sys/netinet/ip_input.c:364
AK> #8  0xc05e6292 in div_output (so=0xc2f11d20, m=0xc16d6600,
AK> sin=0xc2d834b0, 
AK>     control=0x0) at /usr/src/sys/netinet/ip_divert.c:364

AK> (kgdb) frame 7
AK> #7  0xc05ed8a9 in ip_input (m=0x0) at
AK> /usr/src/sys/netinet/ip_input.c:364
AK> 364                             m_free(m0);
AK> (kgdb) p m0
AK> $1 = (struct mbuf *) 0x0
AK> (kgdb) l
AK> 359
AK> 360                     m0 = m;
AK> 361                     m = m->m_next;
AK> 362                     /* XXX: This is set by ip_fastforward */
AK> 363                     if (m0->m_nextpkt == (struct mbuf *)1)
AK> 364                             m_free(m0);
AK> 365             }
AK> 366
AK> 367             M_ASSERTPKTHDR(m);
AK> 368

AK> This panic is relatively easy to recreate. 

AK> Some data points:

AK> The machine is an Athlon Thunderbird 1200 (CPUTYPE=athlon-tbird in
AK> make.conf), the NIC is a Realtek 8139. 
AK> net.inet.ip.fastforwarding is 0.

AK> I have a dump available (256M). What can I do to help fix this problem?

What rev. of ip_input.c is this? Looks like head. Rev. 1.253 mangled
the for(;;) in a strange way and added that very strange check ... can
somebody just kill these bastard MT_TAG thing in flavour for real
mbuf_tags, now? Please!

Best regards,
 Max                            mailto:max at

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