HEADS UP: /bin and /sbin are now dynamically linked

Richard Coleman richardcoleman at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 16 20:54:51 PST 2003

Bill Vermillion wrote:

>>>>1) Much smaller /bin and /sbin. On i386, /bin and /sbin are 33 MB 
>>>>   Dynamically linked, they are only 4 MB.
> I don't think saving that little space on the / partition is as
> important as having everthing in sbin being able to stand alone no
> matter what is corrupted.

If you need to recover from a corrupted system, why is it so important 
to use /bin or /sbin, when /rescue is there for that exact purpose?

I think it is much more important that nsswitch.conf work properly.

But I think the time for these discussions is passed.  I think at this 
stage the important thing is to make it work correctly.

Richard Coleman
richardcoleman at mindspring.com

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