vinum error: statfs related?

Daryl Chance chancedj at
Sun Nov 16 20:14:26 PST 2003

I am currently not able to load my vinum array
(haven't tried to revert back to pre-statfs source)
after I built a new kernel and world.  I upgraded the
recommended way (installkernel, reboot, single user
mode, installworld, etc) and when my box boots I get
"vinum loaded, no drives found".  When I go to
kldunload vinum, it unloads but I get the error:

vinum: exiting with malloc table inconsistency at
0xc2f49400 from vinumio.c:755
vinum: unloaded

I checked the pr's, but haven't seen anything yet
listed in there.  Should I do a sendpr?  I'm basically
using the generic conf, with the exception that I've
removed 486 and 586 and changed the ident.

I don't have a lint config, so i don't know how to
compile vinum into the kernel to test if that fixes
it.  If theres anymore info needed, I'd be glad to
give access to the box or email a dmesg.

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