/etc/rc.d/ipsec starts not in time

Kostyuk Oleg cub at cub.org.ua
Sun Nov 16 02:10:28 PST 2003


>>It is not sufficient.  There is setkey(8) in /usr/sbin.  It means that
>>we cannot protect NFS exported /usr by IPsec.  If there is no
>>objection, I wish to move setkey(8) into /sbin like NetBSD did.
> tlambert2> This type of order inversion is common.
> tlambert2> Can we simply delay exportation until later in the boot process?
> tlambert2> Wouldn't this have the same effect?
> Oops, I should explain the situation clearly.  The client which mounts
> /usr by NFS cannot use IPsec due to lack of setkey(8).

I think, you not exactly understand my problem.

I not export anything, not protect NFS exported /usr and
have ordinary workstation with 40G HD and /usr on it.
Using IPSec - hostorical behavior :), and i live without
problems on 4.x .

But I use NFS exports from others.
And, in case if IPSec used between my mashine and NFS server,
I can't boot smoothly - booting hold up on mounting NFS
until I press Ctrl+C .

Patch, which I send, resolve my problem.
But I not sure - applicable this patch for diskless ?....

I can't recall when problem appear. All life server runs on 4.8.
My mashine will be 4.8 - 5.0 - 5.1 - 5 CURRENT.
Now - kern.osreldate: 501113.

With best wishes, DIGMA sysadmin
Oleg Kostyuk aka Cub (OK5-UANIC)
[BSD registered user #BSD050664]

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