kldload(2) and debug kernels

vze2ztys at verizon.net vze2ztys at verizon.net
Sat Nov 15 23:10:47 PST 2003

It looks like the kldload system call takes
the name of the module you give it, like "ums", and just tacks on ".ko" and searches
 in whatever the default paths are for kernel modules until it finds ums.ko.  Peachy.

  But what about if you built your kernel and modules with debugging symbols added in?  When you install the new kernel, all the files have ".debug" tacked on to the end.  This seems to kill autoloading.  The most 
recent change to moused makes it incompatible
with ums.ko.debug, too.

So I'm wondering if it would improve/break things to make it so that kldload() and its
 companions first look for "module.ko.debug" by default and then look for "module.ko" after that before giving up and returning an error.  The advantage would be that you
wouldn't have to muck about with loader.conf
or extra boot scripts if you needed to work
with a debug kernel.


Andrew Lankford

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