HEADS-UP new statfs structure condidered harmful

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Sat Nov 15 13:46:55 PST 2003

Matt Smith wrote:
> Marco Wertejuk wrote:
> > Just for a short note: cfsd (ports/security/cfs) should be
> > recompiled as well after those statfs changes.
> And mail/postfix and devel/gnomevfs2 (ones's i've found so far)
> postfix did this every time it received a mail until I recompiled it:
> pid 4049 (smtpd), uid 1003: exited on signal 11
> And gnomevfs was something I saw in another headsup. There are bound to
> be others, I'm just keeping an eye on my /var/log/messages to see if
> anything else sig 11 or 12's! So far so good though.

Expect to have to recompile the entire fricking world for a change
this fundamental.

Really, what should have appened is that the system call interface
for stat should have been retired as "ostat", a new system call
interface introduced, and the libc version number bumped, given a
change this fundamental.

Effectively, this will destroy binary backward compatability for
everything in the world.

-- Terry

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