FreeBSD current, apache and php4 woes

Claus Guttesen cguttesen at
Sat Nov 15 08:20:16 PST 2003


I'm getting a bit desperate here. I recently moved our
web-servers from Linux, php4 4.1 and apache 1.3.20 to
FreeBSD 5.1 (mostly frozen branch), php 4.3.4 and
apache 1.3.29.

My problem is that the web-servers keep rebooting for
no apperant reason. They are up for about 20-24 hours
and then go down and up, with no message in the
message-log (other than that the filesystems weren't
unmounted properly etc.

The two web-servers are Dell Poweredge 1750 with dual
Xeon @ 3 Ghz. One is running the frozen 5.1 and the
other is running current as of Nov. 9'th. They are
performing well, the latter a bit faster than the
former. Both have 2 GB RAM.

The two other web-servers are based on an ASUS
motherboard and have dual Xeons @ 2.4 Ggz. One is
running frozen branch and one is running current as of
Oct. 30'th. The first has 2 GB RAM and the latter 1

The server with Oct. 30'th source appears to be the
most stable having been up for a couple of days.

After a draft to this mail was written I was "lucky"
to get some output to the screen (which is the first
time since we migrated):

panic: kmem_malloc(4096): kmem_map too small:
275251200 total allocated cpuid = 0; =

Searching the archives indicated that the thread
was very like my situation.

We are using php and imagemagick and are getting a lot
of empty files related to our web-pages. So /tmp and
/var/tmp is often used.

I have a crontjob which clean files older than 12

The two Dell-servers rebooted last nigth at three
o'clock in the morning indicating that the
/etc/periodic/daily scripts were running. I have also
been able to provoke a reboot finding and deleting
lots of tmp-files.

The problems did not show up while we tested them

How do I change system/kernel-parameters so I can
avoid the reboots? If I had the time I could have
investigated more on my own but my FreeBSD-migration
is on a thin line at work.

Disabling SMP is not an option.

I made the transition from Linux to FreeBSD arguing
that 1) it was at least as stable as Linux 2) I was
the one going to maintain the servers. So FreeBSD is
(unfortunately) _not_ very hot @ work.

A dmesg can be supplied if needed.


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