dc still reporting collisions

Andy Farkas andyf at speednet.com.au
Fri Nov 14 23:27:19 PST 2003

Andy Farkas replies to himself:

> The dc(4) driver currently has an almost 1:1 ratio of packets:collisions.
> Your tx0 is quite low.

Ack! I can't count. Or my numerical recognition system is failing....

Name    Mtu Network       Address              Ipkts Ierrs    Opkts Oerrs  Coll
dc0    1500 <Link#1>      00:00:e8:89:b9:66    26463     0    26737 13253 225301

Ipkts + Opkts < collisions  :(


 :{ andyf at speednet.com.au

        Andy Farkas
    System Administrator
   Speednet Communications

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