signal 12's everywhere on Current with update this morning.

M. Warner Losh imp at
Fri Nov 14 08:18:46 PST 2003

In message: <B89904BD-16BD-11D8-93D7-000393AD9378 at>
            Brent Jones <brent at> writes:
: If this is true, perhaps the "build" man page should be updated.  
: Here's what the man page has to say on the topic:
:       The ``approved'' method of updating your system from the latest 
: sources
:       is:

Already done.

:             make buildworld
:             make buildkernel KERNCONF=FOO
:             make installkernel KERNCONF=FOO
:             make installworld
:             mergemaster
:       After running these commands a system reboot is required...
: This gives the impression that you're safe running all the builds 
: without rebooting, especially as the word "approved" is used.

Yes.  I just added a 'reboot to single user here' line.


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