Unattended reboot was Re: signal 12's everywhere on Currentwith update this morning.

Sheldon Hearn sheldonh at starjuice.net
Fri Nov 14 01:31:24 PST 2003

On (2003/11/13 14:02), Eric Anderson wrote:

> I'm not having any luck - I'm started to feel like I'm missing something 
> here :)
> I cvsup'd yesterday afternoon, and did my usual make buildworld, kernel, 
> install kernel, single user mode, then make installworld - except it 
> bombed on the installworld.  I ignored the message moved on.

You missed a step.  The HEADS UP sent to -current said you needed to
reboot between kernel install and world install.

This is the strictly safe way of upgrading always.  However, many people
skip the reboot (and even the drop to single-user mode) as a shortcut.
Sometimes, the shortcut works.  This time, it doesn't. :-)


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