making a release

Peter Schultz pmes at
Thu Nov 13 14:15:39 PST 2003

Scott Long wrote:
> I use the following all of the time:
> cd /usr/src/release ; make release BUILDNAME=5.1-CURRENT
> CHROOTDIR=/usr/release CVSROOT=/usr/ncvs
I have NODOC=YES NOPORTS=YES and thought I'd be able to get by with 
EXTSRCDIR=/usr/src in place of CVSROOT=/usr/ncvs.  Looks like EXTCRCDIR 
is not widely used, but would be convenient for a local user.


> Scott
> On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Peter Schultz wrote:
>>I'm trying to build a set of release floppies, but my setting for
>>CHROOTDIR seems to be ignored and the release gets dumped in my root
>>file system under /R.  Shouldn't /R be installed under whatever I set

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