Unattended reboot was Re: signal 12's everywhere on Currentwith update this morning.

Eric Anderson anderson at centtech.com
Thu Nov 13 13:19:16 PST 2003

eculp at encontacto.net wrote:

>Mensaje citado por Eric Anderson <anderson at centtech.com>:
>| I'm not having any luck - I'm started to feel like I'm missing something
>| here :)
>You're getting signal 11's.  That could indicate memory problems.
>I get signal 12's with the changes to the statfs structure.  I assume
>that you rebooted after the "bombed installworld", didn't you?  If
>not that just might be the solution, if you did the problem could be
>else where.
Thanks ed, but it isn't a memory problem.. After the bombed 
installworld, I rebooted, and it came up (running the kernel I built 
with the src that bombed), and now I'm in a corner - however Andy Farkas 
gave me a hint to put in an older kernel (maybe the one from 
5.1-RELEASE?) and reboot using that kernel, then rebuild world and 
install world.. I think my world is older than my kernel..


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