signal 12's everywhere on Current with update this morning.

eculp at eculp at
Thu Nov 13 11:44:11 PST 2003

Mensaje citado por Uwe Laverenz <laverenz at>:

| eculp at schrieb:
| > Uwe, do you have any remote machines?  I'm wondering what the correct
| > sequence would be to update and reboot them.
| I would suggest to do it this way:
| 1. make buildworld
| 2. make kernel KERNCONF=<YOURCONF>

Uwe, I just inverted the first two but I can always build another
kernel, just in case.

| 3. *reboot* (with new kernel and old userland)

This is the step that I wasn't sure about.  It has to come up in
multiuser so I can access it with ssh.  I don't have a console
access on this machine.

| 4. make installworld
| 5. mergemaster
| 6. *reboot*

Fantastic,  thanks for the confirmation that it will come up with the
old userland.

| cu,
| Uwe
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