Unattended reboot was Re: signal 12's everywhere on Current with update this morning.

eculp at encontacto.net eculp at encontacto.net
Thu Nov 13 07:39:17 PST 2003

Mensaje citado por eculp at encontacto.net:

| Mensaje citado por Ceri Davies <setantae at submonkey.net>:
| | On Thu, Nov 13, 2003 at 06:48:35AM -0800, eculp at encontacto.net wrote:
| | > I installed an older current snap, Oct 26, on a brandnew dell power edge
| | > with a single Xeon 2.4 GHz cpu and 1G in memory.  It was running great.
| | > I installed everything except the kitchen sink.  Then I decided it was
| | > time to update, I've got serveral other machines weathering the storms.
| | > Bad idea.  It doesn't hang or anything that I can get my teeth into but
| | > it just give signal 12 core dumps on many if not most applications.  I
| | > caught this before finishing an install on another box, yesterday
| morning.
| | > One of the apps that generates signal 12 is ls so I tried pulling ls
| | > from the other box and it no longer has a problem.  I am at a lost.
| | > Any suggestions for where to start would be appreciated.
| |
| | Read /usr/src/UPDATING.
| |
| Thanks, I missed that.  :(   Sorry for the noise.
| ed

I'm building new kernels as I write this.  My next question is:
One of the machines I'm building on is remote and was last rebuilt
just before the change.  What would be be better sequence for making
the change after a fresh cvsup ?

  1. Build and Install a new kernel
  2. build a new world
  3. Run mergemaster
  4. ReBoot (I'm not sure it will come up multiuser with a new
             kernel and a 4 day old userland.)
  5. Installworld and assess possible problems :-)


  1. Build and Install a new kernel
  2. make buildworld
  3. Run mergemaster
  4. make installworld; shutdown -r now # and pray :-)

Or is there a better option?

Has anyone else already done this?




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