tcp hostcache and ip fastforward for review

Andre Oppermann oppermann at
Wed Nov 12 12:49:51 PST 2003

Hajimu UMEMOTO wrote:
> Hi,
> >>>>> On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 16:22:38 +0100
> >>>>> Andre Oppermann <oppermann at> said:
> oppermann> Ok, I found the bug. It was in the ipv6 hash function where I made
> oppermann> a mistake with the hashmask.
> oppermann> The updated patch is here:
> oppermann>
> oppermann> Could you try again please?
> It does repeatable panic.  Unfortunately, my laptop hanguped during
> dumping core, and I couldn't get core.  So, I copied the output from
> ddb by hand.
> Stopped at      in6_selecthlim+0x35:    cmpl    $0,0x1c(%esi)
> db> trace
> in6_selecthlim(0,0,28,0,fadd8ac9) at in6_selecthlim+0x35
> syncache_respond(c3f6f000,c19a0600,1,c19a0600,0) at syncache_respond+0x31c

Grmpf... That is a logic error by me. Please add the following check
on line 707 in the patched netinet6/in6_src.c:

	else if (in6p && !IN6_IS_ADDR_UNSPECIFIED(&in6p->in6p_faddr)) {
                 ^^^^ ^^

Thank you for your effort in testing my changes!


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