sysinstall fails

toha at toha at
Wed Nov 12 01:37:19 PST 2003


	I've made fresh (20031111) release from HEAD.
	During installation, sysinstall has troubles creating

	1). fdisk creates slice with name "ad0p1". and newfs
		can't find /dev/ad0p1*.
	2). if i create slice, then do "rescan devices" or
		rerun sysinstall, slice has name "ad0s1". but
		newfs says: "cannot retrive operator gid"
	3). I've run "Fixed Shell" and created file "/etc/group"
		with one line "operator:*:5:root" and newfs
		created file systems successfuly.

	is this known issues?

	P.S. Sorry my bad english.
	P.P.S. Please, CC' me.

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