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Max Laier max at
Mon Nov 10 04:02:33 PST 2003

Monday, November 10, 2003, 5:29:34 AM, you wrote:
ML> I am looking for a solution to make QoS possible on my FreeBSD box. After
ML> searching for the internet, I found that there is a software called ALTQ
ML> that can do possibly what I want. However, I found that it is still not
ML> directly built into the kernel. Those who want to use it need to patch the
ML> kernel themselves.


The problem right now is the ongoing work in the network stack, which
makes it really hard to produce a stable altq patchset. Hence the
latest version from rofug is for 4.9 (which is/will be part of kame?).
The 5.x stuff from rofug is afaik rather unstable and unmaintained.
The stuff for 5.1R is okay, but lacks the userland parts, as
it was done to give ALTQ functionality to pf, not to build a stand-
alone ALTQ. On another sidenote, stand-alone ALTQ is a pain, imo.

ML> I wonder if any of the core team members has the plan to build it into the
ML> kernel since I was told that it is not a good way to patch the kernel
ML> myself. ( for the system stability concern. )

If you have a stable patchset against a stable release, there is no
disadvantage (apart from having to patch). The problem is, that it is
hard to maintain such stuff outside the source tree.

From my talks with a core member, I believe that - once the netcode is
a bit settled down - there will be a chance of getting ALTQ in.
However, this will not happen before 5.2R.

You can help by reporting your experience to the authors of the
patchset you are using!

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