Really no one knows ?!

itetcu at itetcu at
Mon Nov 10 02:13:01 PST 2003

Quoting Putinas Piliponis <putinas.piliponis at>:

> some bioses thinks differently about geometry layout for harddisk

It seems to me that some Gigabyte MB (with "extended fetures" like 
SATA or RAID controlers - even when they're not used) report some 
other HDD geometry that the "normal" ones.

> btw dont trust to
> much what it shows you in bios ... 

This days I tend to not trust anything :-/

The system was istalled on a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP (KT400/8235) and moved 
_without_any_problem_ on a Gigabyte GA-7VT600 1394 (KT600/8237). The 
HDD set in BIOS on auto and no custom newfs options. But on this new  
Gigabyte GA-7VT600L (KT600/8237) it just not working.

Now, I'll lose some money due to a dead-line ...
I'll do daylly back-ups in the future...
This is just my desktop ... with mail, docs and work on it. It's 
fruntating to see the XP booting up with no problem and loosing all 
your BSD data ...

But what if the same thing happends on one of my servers ? That's what 
really scares me.

> if you still have old mb - try
> to boot
> from that one, and see what is says and make same with new one ...
> I
> would recommend to start from cd, and in sysinstall choose fdisk
> and after
> there is option to change / view disk geometry layout ...

Yeh, If I was having it probably I wouldn't bother the list so much. 
But I don't have it.
I now the G option, but I don't understand what your suggestion is. 
Could you please elaborate ?

Still, suposing I'll get one MB from my supplier and see what geometry 
that mobo reports, what should I do to get the HDD working on the new 
mobo ? 


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