Really no one knows ?!

itetcu at itetcu at
Mon Nov 10 01:20:42 PST 2003


A few days ago I've asked in this message:

about suggestions of how to "recover" the non-root slices from a HDD 
after the change of the mainbord resulted in not finding the 
superblock, or at least how to avoid such things in the future.

DES suggested "You probably switched your disk from CHS to LBA mode or 
vice versa" in this message:
which it is not the case.

Now, leaving apart that my lest backup dated a month ago, and it's 
really stupid to lost all your data from a HDD without suffering any 
hardware or software crash, I would really apreciate some ideas, links 
whatever about what it is to do to avoid this to happend if the 

Mannyt thanks,

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