the PS/2 mouse problem

Alex Wilkinson alex.wilkinson at
Sun Nov 9 19:19:51 PST 2003

	On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 08:33:58PM -0700, Scott Long wrote:
	One thought that I had was to make psmintr() be INTR_FAST.  I need to
	stare at the code some more to fully understand it, but it looks like it
	wouldn't be all that hard to do.  Basically just use the interrupt handler
	to pull all of the data out of the hardware and into a ring buffer in
	memory, and then a fast taskqueue to process that ring buffer.  It would
	at least answer the question of whether the observed problems are due to
	ithread latency.  And if done right, no locks would be needed in

I seemed to have solved my mouse problem: 


Solution: I disabled IPCA in the BIOS and the mouse problem went away.

Does IPCA have anything to do with ACPI. Yes, I have googled and looked at anandtech forums
and had no luck.

In disabling IPCA have I disabled ACPI ?

 - aW

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