Typos in -CURRENT?

Scott Long scottl at freebsd.org
Sun Nov 9 12:41:01 PST 2003

Andre Guibert de Bruet wrote:
> Hi,
> The Online Merriam-Webster dictionary (m-w.com) doesn't have an entry for
> the word 'recognised', yet it features throughout our source tree
> (Including manpages).
> The following was run on CURRENT as of a few hours ago:
> bling# grep -R recognised /usr/src/ | wc -l
>      155
> bling# grep -R recognized /usr/src/ | wc -l
>     1898
> This isn't a color/colour type of thing...
> Regards,
>>Andre Guibert de Bruet | Enterprise Software Consultant >
>>Silicon Landmark, LLC. | http://siliconlandmark.com/    >

www.m-w.com does indeed have a listing for 'recognise' and notes
that it is a variant of 'recognize'.  Appending a 'd' to the end
of both words is valid and denotes past tense.

As we have gone over many, many times in the past, we recognise
no preference in British vs American spellings in our source tree
and man pages.


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