New interrupt code slows hyperthreading down

John Baldwin jhb at
Fri Nov 7 15:49:57 PST 2003

On 07-Nov-2003 Jens Rehsack wrote:
> John Baldwin wrote:
>> On 07-Nov-2003 Jens Rehsack wrote:
>>>Lars Eggert wrote:
>>>>John Baldwin wrote:
>>>>>On 07-Nov-2003 Lars Eggert wrote:
>>>>>>This looks similar to what I described in the "fwohci0 running wild" 
>>>>>>thread. In both cases, irq16 seems to cause the problem...
>>>>>Really.  Does this only happen with ACPI enabled?
>>>>Don't know about "only", since I have never booted this machine without 
>>>>ACPI. I'll test next time I'm rebooting.
>>>Don't do it. I do it for testing a few minutes ago - and it
>>>prevents irq 16 from storming. But it does because the machine
>>>hangs at boot with:
>>>isa_probe_children: probing PnP devices
>>>I let it probe for about 10 minutes (you'll never know :-)),
>>>but it wont do.
>> Grrr, ok.  Can you try the patch at
>> and nab a boot -v
>> dmesg with ACPI enabled?  Thanks.
> Attached. Or shall I upload it to a web-server, too?

Thanks, IRQ 16 was programmed as level, activelo, so it wasn't an
off by one error there.  Grr.


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